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As a charity, the River Gipping Trust is reliant on the generosity of individuals, groups and funding organisations to support our restoration projects and maintenance work.  We have submitted an application for funds to purchase equipment to further expand the valuable towpath maintenance regularly carried out by the Trust’s volunteers and we need to demonstrate the community need and benefits.

We understand that the council mows the footpath two or three times a year but during the growing season without our intervention the towpath becomes impassable due to nettles and brambles falling across the path. In places the towpath has gradually become completely blocked and walkers are forced to skirt around the brambles and fallen trees so that the towpath is some distance from the River Gipping and blocking the views.

Regularly carrying out towpath maintenance along the river every year allows you, your family, friends and people from the wider local community to enjoy the natural environment when walking along the river.  Our aim is to make the footpath accessible to as many people as possible.  Over the last year Trust volunteers have been maintaining and improving around 8 miles of the towpath along the River Gipping between Paper Mill and Badley.  We would like to see this work extended further along the river. 

Your donation will help us to do even more.

The Trust is a registered charity and we rely on voluntary donations for everything we do. We are all volunteers so 100% of your money will go towards our work. Can you help us?

Use Give As You Live  to make your donation by clicking on the link below. Give As You Live will charge us 4.8% of your donation to cover their costs but you can choose to pay that on our behalf if you wish.

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Plan of the route of the Stowmarket Navigation (River Gipping)

This map shows the route of the Stowmarket Navigation and the location of the 15 locks that were needed to overcome the height difference between Stowmarket and Ipswich (90 feet or 27.5 metres). Total length of the Navigation is 16 miles.