Gipping Gossip – our newsletter with all the latest news and views from the River Gipping Trust.

At the foot of this page is the December 2020 edition of the Trust’s newsletter. This is the second edition of our  ‘lock-down’ newsletter and it has plenty of pictures showing what we’ve been up to before Covid 19.

The Government’s “road map” of a return to normality meant that outdoor activities such as our work parties could restart from the 29th March. I am pleased to report that we are back at work but following the “rule of 6” which means we sometimes have 2 or even 3 work parties in disparate locations

You will see a reference to a recent update on our website, in particular a gallery of old postcards collected by John Jarman who has given us permission to publish them on line. Because of the numbers involved they are in three separate folders. Here’s some links direct to them –  Postcards Page 1 , Postcards Page 2 and Postcards Page 3.

All our newsletters are available to view on line. This is the high resolution index and the the low resolution index is here.

Beneath the newsletter is a link for you to download a low resolution version of the file.