Gipping Gossip – our newsletter with all the latest news and views from the River Gipping Trust.


At the foot of this page is the Summer 2020 edition of the Trust’s newsletter. This is the first edition after ‘lockdown’ and we are back at work but with all the relevant social distancing rules in place. The newsletter has plenty of pictures showing what we’ve been up to both before (and after) Covid 19.

Following the latest Government guidelines we will be restricting to 6 the number of people at our working parties. We have sought more guidance on this decision.

You will see some references to recent updates on our website, in particular the new ‘on-line’ membership form and newspaper articles from the last 230 years which had references to the river, the Navigation and things that happened on both.

Here’s some links direct to both the membership form and the newspapers.

We have also put on-line all the newsletters we’ve published since the Trust was created in 2007. You can get a high resolution file from here and a low resolution one from here.

If you would like to download a copy of the latest newsletter use the >> on the toolbar below. If you are viewing this page on a mobile, click on the full screen arrow below     and it will open in Google Docs.