Ipswich Maritime Trust

Ipswich Maritime Trust (IMT) was formed in 1982 from the Maritime Ipswich Committee, which organised a year long series of events as part of the national Maritime England Initiative. These events were based in the ‘Home’ Warehouse (now Ashtons). They also prepared a visionary plan in 1982 for the then run-down Wet Dock, with suggestions on its future development and have been instrumental in galvanising local opinion concerning the many changes in the Wet Dock since then. The newly rejuvenated Waterfront is the result of Ipswich’s determination to make the most out of the Wet Dock, and with much more work still to do, their passion for Ipswich’s maritime opportunities continues. Through its history, people, and much more, they will continue to support Maritime Ipswich.

The River Gipping Trust is a corporate member of the IMT and their newsletter will be displayed on this page. The latest one (July 2021) has just been published and you can view it below or download your own copy from this link.

We are all looking for a brighter future after a year living with a pandemic and the IMT are offering everyone a way of breaking out of the gloom and doom. If you scan down to the foot of their newsletter you will see an advert for some trips on the sailing barge ‘Victor’ Everyone is welcome and you can find out how to book on the page.