What the Papers Said – about the River Gipping over the last 230 years.

This page holds the index for copies of newspaper articles from the last 230 years that have any references to the River Gipping or the Stowmarket Navigation.

The index is in PDF format and clicking on any file name in the first column will bring up the appropriate page from the newspaper.

The index has 6 columns; the file name of the article, the date of publication, the name of the newspaper, a brief note about the article itself, some other things on that page that may (or may not!) be of interest and a note about some other world events in that year.

The research for this web page was undertaken using the British Newspaper Archive

Several graphic accounts appeared  in the local press in 1876, particularly the East Anglian Daily Times, about the  Great Fire of Bramford. The journalists of the time were clearly of a poetical nature!