The River Gipping – a vision for the 21st century

Back in 2007 the Trust produced a booklet which we called ‘Our Vision’

Although the majority of what we said then is still right, we now have even more ambitious plans.  We have brought our Vision up to date and you can see the results below, We have a limited number of printed copies so please let us know if you would like one.

Our Plans after Baylham Footbridge Completion

The footbridge project at Baylham has resulted in many local donations and letters of support.  The Trust hope to involve these parties and work even more closely with them to form a ‘principle partnership group’ to forward the navigation restoration project, starting with the 3 miles, 4 lock stretch of waterway between Needham Market and Baylham.  A key attribute to the success of this project will be to show that with boats on the river biodiversity will be improved and the risk of flooding will not be increased.  A full feasibility study will be required after preliminary biodiversity and flood risks are assessed and then a significant lottery grant application will need to be made, but because of work already carried out by Trust volunteers along this stretch of water the amount of funds needed will be much less than most other recent successful canal restoration projects across the UK.

Whilst the navigation of the Needham Market to Baylham stretch will be the Trust’s priority, planning work for the full navigation between Stowmarket and Ipswich will continue.  A key element of this is the missing lock at Claydon.  The lock was lost when the A14 was built but we are investigating, with the help of Highways England, whether it was totally destroyed or merely filled in and if it could be restored.  Alternatively, the construction of a new one will have to be considered.