A walk along the river in 1997

In 1997 Mrs Phyllis J Mills and Mr Maurice Philpot created a film record of a walk along the river from Stowmarket ending up at the docks in Ipswich. The film is a compilation of numerous walks on various sunny Sundays and was made with the assistance of Phyllis’s husband Gerald who dropped the couple off and then drove to various access points along the river to pick them up. If you look carefully you can see the seasons change from daffodils in Stowmarket to hips and blackberries in Ipswich

It includes the four locks which the Trust will need to be completely restored in order to run a trip boat. In 1997, Bosmere had been completed (apart from lock gates) whilst Creeting was still under restoration. Both Pipps Ford and Baylham were still waiting our attention.

Phyllis and Maurice did more than just picture the immediate area of the river. They also pictured some of the villages along the river including Bramford and Sproughton. The video has several shots of the fauna and flora of the river.

We have added subtitles to give an indication of the locations along the river and some background music.