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October 2021

Sewage Discharge into Rivers

We have been advised that in mid-September the Environment Bill was passed in the House of Lords which includes Amendment 60 to clause 80 which will place a duty on sewerage undertakers to take reasonable steps to ensure untreated sewage is not discharged from storm overflows, and demonstrate improvements in the sewerage systems.

This is the British Canoeing view

The State of Our Rivers Report  published by The Essex and Suffolk Rivers Trust allows the English public to understand the health of their river like never before, on both a national and local scale. The report gives one clear message: the race to climate resilience will be won or lost on rivers – and we are currently losing.  The report shows that:

  • Agriculture contributes towards nearly two-thirds of rivers failing to meet good status; the water sector over a half, and the urban and transport sector a quarter.
  • With no significant improvements in the last 5 years our rivers are flatlining – we need a radical rethink for rivers.
  • Nature holds the key – we need real investment in nature-based solutions, at scale.
  • Government must act more boldly, but business and local partnerships are critical to the solution too.

28 September 2021

The five main timber beams are now across the river. Using a teleporter and digger we managed to roll the beams across on the scaffolding and then lift them into place on the 230 year old brick abutments.